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  -  International standard size of copy paper

Size of Copy Paper
    Size  (mm)
A3   297 x 420mm
A4   210 x 297mm
A5   210 x 148mm
F4A   216 x 343mm
F4B   216 x 330mm
L/S   216 x 279mm
LGA   216 x 356mm
B4   257 x 364mm

Category A
    Size  (mm)
A0   841 x 1,189mm
A1   594 x 841mm
A2   420 x 594mm
A3   420 x 297mm
A4   210 x 297mm
A5   210 x 148mm
A6   105 x 148mm
A7   74 x 105mm
A8   52 x 74mm
A9   37 x 52mm
A10   26 x 37mm

Category B
    Size  (mm)
B0   1,000 x 1,414mm
B1   707 x 1,000mm
B2   500 x 707mm
B3   353 x 500mm
B4   257 x 364mm
B5   182 x 257mm
B6   125 x 176mm
B7   88 x 125mm
B8   62 x 88mm

Category C
    Size  (mm)
C0   917 x 1,297mm
C1   648 x 917mm
C2   458 x 648mm
C3   324 x 648mm
C4   229 x 324mm
C5   162 x 229mm
C6   114 x 162mm
C7   82 x 114mm
C8   57 x 81mm

  -  What is PEFC?

     Founded in Jun 1999 in Paris, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, PEFC Council was constituted by the representatives of forest management organizations from 11 European countries and lunched the verification system. It is independent, non-profitable and non-governmental organization which aims to promote cross-authorization of different verification systems and to conduct the mission of sustainable management of forest.

     PEFC offers mechanism to guarantee the wood and paper are from sustainable managed forest and to prevent illegal deforestation in terms of facilitating forest operation complying with environmental, economic and social benefits.